Development of athletes at Central Sports Development of athletes at Central Sports

“Nurturing World-Class Athletes!”

This being our motto, the coaching staff members of Central Sports engage in coaching athletes on a daily basis.

Central Sports focuses on expanding the swimmer population and reinforcing the development of competitive swimmers in its over 200 facilities across the country.

Most of the competitive swimmers representing Japan today have had the experience of belonging to a swimming club and many of these swimmers have been receiving long-term coaching from the beginner stage up to becoming top athletes in the country.

Central Sports discovers talent early and offer consistent coaching from a young age to reinforce the development of athletes. We use the scientific training data accumulated over many years at our research institute (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture) in having our top-class coaching staff provide fine- tuned coaching tailored to each athlete, along with education for promoting emotional well-being, and we continue to produce a number of top athletes.

With Daichi Suzuki, who won a gold medal at the Seoul Olympic Games, at the head of the list, athletes from Central Sports participated in 9 consecutive Olympic Games. We have produced a total of 25 Olympians, including Tomomi Morita, a bronze medalist in Athens and Noriko Inada, who participated in three Olympic Games.

Meanwhile, in gymnastics as well, athletes from Central Sports have captured the hearts of people around the world. Such gymnasts include Mutsumi Harada, who participated in the Sydney Olympic Games, and Hiroyuki Tomita and Takehiro Kashima, both of whom were gold medalists at the Athens Olympic Games. In April 2016, we established the Central Sports Gymnastics Team as part of our proactive efforts aimed at further contributing to the development of gymnastics in Japan.

Heading toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and beyond, please look forward to seeing athletes from Central Sports perform on the global stage.

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