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Message from the Chairman

We pursue opportunities in all business fields related to health, and work ceaselessly to tackle the challenges that arise.

Our corporate philosophy is “Contribute to health promotion throughout one’s life.” Working in line with this ethos, we seek to offer reassuring, safe, and reliable services that satisfy customers of all age groups.
In this day and age, there is a growing sense of health awareness among the elderly, and more parents are looking to expose their kids to sports and other activities. The role of sports clubs is greater than it has ever been. We will operate our clubs and health businesses to meet the diversifying needs of our customers, and continue to provide them with the fun and joy they seek through our clubs.
Central Sports was founded by athletes who competed in the first Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. For us, it is great joy to once again welcome the Olympics and Paralympics to Tokyo in 2020, the year that also marks the 50th anniversary year of our founding. Moving into the future, we will continue to support athletes who have been with us since they were kids in their quest to compete in the Olympics and win medals. At the same time, we will focus our efforts on creating environments not only for athletes in competitive sports, but also those in which the greater, general public can casually enjoy sports. Our aim is to become a company that facilitates the developments of these environments, and makes a sustained contribution to the future of society through the promotion of health.

Chairman and Representative Director
Tadaharu Goto