Together with Employees Aiming for a workplace in which all 'business athletes' work enthousiastically Together with Employees Aiming for a workplace in which all 'business athletes' work enthousiastically

Central Sports, as a pioneer in the health industry, refers to employees who take on the challenge of pursuing the sports business by utilizing their mind and body as “business athletes.” We view employees who share our corporate philosophy of “contributing to health promotion throughout one’s life” and who work with a common mindset as forming the source for creating customers’ excitement and smiles. Without the good health and smiles of employees and their families, we cannot bring excitement and smiles to customers. At Central Sports, we work to build a workplace in which business athletes, though having different personalities, share the same philosophy and support one another in actively working to promote the health of customers.

“Central Sports Credo (7. Teamwork)”
One staff member alone cannot carry out the work we do. All of us will value teamwork and work together as one to provide customers with total services.

Aiming for an Energetic Workplace

Initiatives for the Health Promotion/Sports Promotion of Employees

Promoting training

The Central Sports Group encourages employees of the Group to be conscious of working as staff members in the health services industry and to pay attention not only to maintaining and promoting their health but also to personal grooming and their figures. As a measure to build such a work environment, we actively encourage employees to use the Company’s sports clubs.
We also install training machines inside the office of our headquarters, introduce training routines that can be followed even when one only has limited time, and take other steps to create an environment where our staff at the headquarters, who primarily engage in deskwork, can also exercise between duties. These measures, such as having employees train before or after work, during lunch time, or whenever possible depending on their respective work conditions, also lead to enhancing productivity and increasing opportunities for employees to communicate with one another.

Encouraging commuting in sneakers

With a view to promoting the health of employees by establishing a habit of walking proactively, Central Sports encourages employees to commute to work in sneakers. This endeavor is not only for employees of the Company. We hope to share with a large number of people the perception that walking is enjoyable and good for one’s health and will continue to advocate “healthy commute with smiles” as a way to contribute to increasing the ratio of people in the active working population who regularly engage in sports.


Central Sports supports the “FUN + WALK PROJECT” promoted by the Japan Sports Agency

The FUN + WALK PROJECT is a public-private partnership project led by the Japan Sports Agency that aspires to promote the joy of walking and have such joy lead to a healthier life. Setting walking as a base, the project aims at enhancing the health of people in Japan.

>> Click here for the “FUN + WALK PROJECT” website

Initiatives to Bring Smiles to Employees

Commendation system (No. 1 staff member award)

We give out the “No. 1 Staff Member Award” to staff members who demonstrate excellent hospitality and customer service skills among our business athletes working at Central Sports Group locations across the country. Once every year, we select the No. 1 staff member in various segments, not only among the management and instructors at each location but also the cleaning staff, school bus drivers and others, and share with all staff members throughout the country heart- warming stories the staff members have experienced with customers and the excellent efforts made to put our corporate philosophy into practice. Through this system, we hope to see the efforts made by colleagues bring smiles to others at the location and further to other colleagues across the country and aim to bring excitement to customers that visit Central Sports’ facilities.

Support for Central Sports athletes

Central Sports provides company-wide support to athletes who aim to compete on the global stage. Whenever a major competition is held, the Central Sports staff and customers unite in forming the Central Sports Support Team, and we, as Team Central, actively cheer for the athletes.

External Certifications


Central Sports has received the SportsyellCompany certification established by the Japan Sports Agency in fiscal year 2017. This certification system commends companies that take initiatives to support and promote the sports activities of employees for strengthening health and aims at encouraging people in the active working population, who are said to lack exercise, to engage in sports. Central Sports supports various voluntary club activities that lead to strengthening the health of employees and to building a lively workplace, promotes the use of its sports facilities, provides fitness programs for use in the office by employees at the headquarters, and takes other initiatives in an effort to support the sports activities of employees.

Tokyo Sports Promotion Company

Central Sports was certified as a Tokyo Sports Promotion Company by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in fiscal year 2017. This system was established by the Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Preparation in fiscal year 2015 for the purpose of annually certifying companies that take excellent initiatives or support the promotion of sports activities for employees.
Central Sports not only promotes sports activities for employees to strengthen health but also holds the “Clothed Swimming Class” in elementary schools across the country as part of its CSR activities. Such initiatives have received positive recognition.

Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization (Silver certification)

The Health & Productivity Outstanding Entities Recognition Program is a system in which companies that have declared to take company-wide initiatives to promote health (health-management company declaration) and have achieved a certain level of results are certified as an “outstanding health & productivity management entity.” In an aim to maintain the good health of employees and to heighten the awareness of health management, Central Sports announced the health-management company declaration in October 2016 and received the “silver certification” in July 2017.